Sandra's Beef On A Bun


  1. Season Blade or Chuck Roast with rub. Let sit for 1 hour 2. Brown Roast on stovetop in cast iron pan.
  2. Place meat in slow cooker along with the rest of the
  3. ingredients.
  4. Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or until meat is fork tender. 5. Remove beef from slow cooker, strain sauce and then
  5. reduce on stovetop to half.
  6. Pull meat and return with reduced sauce to slow cooker. 7. Season to taste.
  7. Serve on your bun of choice and enjoy!


5LBS Blade or Chuck Roast
1.5L Beef Stock
Bottle of beer or glass of red wine(**optional)
2 Carrots chopped
3 Celery stalks chopped
3 white onions chopped
1 Can(14oz)crushed tomatoes
Spice Rub(1tsp. each of paprika, cumin, onion powder,
garlic powder, salt, sugar, black pepper)
2 Bay leaves, 2 springs of thyme